Modern Dental Solutions

Long term temps

Milled from a solid disc of PMMA acrylic.  They are not only beautiful, but much stronger than any flowable product.  PMMA can also  be added to manage tissue.

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Full Contour Zirconia

Adds some strength to your material options.  Great as a cost effective alternative to full gold crowns.

Our experience with Zirconia includes bridges up to 13 units, full contour Zirconia crowns, Maryland bridges, cantilevered pontics and even reduction copings. 

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Long Bridges

Long bridges fit better than PFM's and digital manufacturing eliminates all the distortion associated with cast metal.  Full contour zirconia lingual make great connectors stronger.

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Custom Abutments

These not only fit the tissue better than stock abutments, but they are also thicker.  This creates more material for a non-rotational shape and a stronger restoration.

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Surgical Guides

As a Nobel Platinum Partner, we use Nobel Clinician to create either Pilot hole or Fully Guided surgical guides.  This only requires a CBCT scan and a model.

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Complicated Cases

Our experience includes many complicated cases involving opposing bridges, full arch zirconia bridges on implants, translucency, screw retained restorations, cantilevers, Maryland bridges and full mouth rehab. We are confident in our ability to handle any case to your full satisfaction.

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