About us

Modern Dental Solutions, since 1977

Our small dental lab is rare in it's extensive investments in technology and the application of new materials to your restorations.  We use microscopes in every phase of our process, which is still unusual in our industry.  The experience we have gained using 5 difference CAD/CAM systems has made us a leader in the dental technology in Colorado.  Our facility in Broomfield is clean, bright and encouraging to patients who come in for a custom shade appointment.  Our communication skills coordinate expectations.  Our service is designed to develop a lasting relationship.  Frequently, calls from our lab are intended to save the dentist unnecessary expense.  Whether you need an e.max crown or a surgical guide, we are ready for you and ready for the future of dentistry.

Call us with your next challenging case and experience what you have been looking for in a lab!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for implant restorations is to use genuine manufacturer components, with almost exclusively custom CAD/CAM abutments.  If you have not experienced custom abutments yet, you will be pleased with adaptation to tissue, angulation correction without sacrificing cylinder wall, and added strength by bulking where space is available. The cost of custom abutments has come down to match the cost of a lab prepped stock abutment. We provide certificates of authenticity.